4 Amazing Dive Sites In Thailand That You Should Not Miss In Your Holidays

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Thailand is identified as the land of beaches in the east. Koh-Tao Island is more or less the most famous place in the country for diving. This gives an idea of the capability of the country to facilitate both local and foreign tourists to enjoy the underwaters. If you are planning to visit or already there, you should probably not miss these 4 amazing dive sites. 

Shark Island 

Consisting of a depth range from 10-23m, the shark island is surrounded by a vibrant coral belt enriched in term of underwater marine diversity. While situating about 300m southeast of Koh-Tao dive sites, it always has something new to offer. Blue spotted fantail rays, puffer fishes are frequently seen in this area while the lucky ones get to witness whale sharks and reef sharks. No matter what, it is very reasonable for this beautiful island to be so famous. 

Green rock 

The depths of this area vary on a wide range of 3-30m. This is one of the places where professional training will allow you to stay out of trouble and enjoy the attractive swim-thru and nesting areas. If your knowledge on diving is not so solid, following a good scuba diving course Koh Tao is the best solution. Given that there are many reliable diving schools, it won’t be so expensive and will be very convenient in the long run.  Given that some passages are quite narrow and difficult, this training will allow to enjoy the relentless beauty of green rock as it is.  

Laem Thian 

Situated in the east side of Koh-Tao, Laem thian is enriched with a sequence of swim-thru and caves along the shallow coastline. Your journey that begins from typical Padi open water Koh TaoPadi open water Koh Tao can go up to 6-20m in this site. Having a very good visibility, the marine life of Laem Thian presents you exotic creatures such as green turtle, titan trigger fish and even blue spotted stingray. The bottom-line is that, this place is for those who want the adventure and appealing view at once. 

Mango bay 

If you were a fan of mediocre snorkeling, you can probably enhance your training and make the out of this amazing place. With a depth varying 2-14m, mango bay is the paradise of snorkeling. You will be able to observe well preserved vivid coral life and several sea creature walking on the bottom of the sea.  

Typically, areas surrounding islands tend to make the best dive sites. That is why Koh-Tao Island is recognized as the ideal destination for worldwide divers and tourists. Hence, when you visit there, you should probably ask for these places and see the magic for yourself.