Best Jobs For Water Lovers

Have you always been the type of person to get excited by the thought of water? The one person in your gang who cannot resist getting into a pond, waterfall, a lake or pool when you see one. Then it is time for you to consider a career which will interest you every day and not bore you out of your mind. Believe it or not, there are many options out there for you.  

Commercial divers 

If you are a water enthusiast, then you probably like the many sports associated with it. Do not limit the sport to just diving holidays in the Maldives but rather make a profession out of it. Commercial divers are required to undergo training and education about the various equipment involved in it, but this will not take too long. You will be required to do a lot of underwater construction activities such as repairing, maintenance, experiments and photographing marine life. Take the peace, silence and serenity of underwater life as your true calling for this type of profession.  Maldives boat charters

Ship captain 

Being a captain of a ship is no easy task. It is a lot of responsibility and requires years of education, training and experience before you get your own crew. You will have the task of supervising your crew as well as maintaining the ship and your main priority is the safe transportation of cargo or people. It can make a very fancy income for you, so don’t hesitate to considerate it for a profession. If you wish to get a taste of what it really is like, try some Maldives boat charters and practice some sailing on your own before you finalise a decision. 

Marine biologist 

The aquatic ecosystem is very important and you can become a part of conserving it by become a marine biologist. Considering the fact that around fifty to eighty percent of life is found underwater, you will always have so much to find out about the mysterious life under the sea by conducting various research and studies. This field too, requires many years of study and experience and the income can be very satisfactory. 


Here’s a job that is much appreciated because as the name implies, you get to safeguard lives. It is a very fulfilling job. They also have the task of monitoring any bodies of water like pools, beaches, or other recreational sources to ensure safety. You may not need years of education but may need training which will give you certificate of qualification.  

The options of jobs for water lovers are many out there. Make sure to pick the one that is right for you.

Things To Do Before Going On A Business Trip

When you are a part of the workforce business trips are something that you have to get used to. We understand that you may have been over the moon at the beginning. But after a couple of years, you tend to lose the excitement associated with these trips. But that does not mean you lose the anxiety. No matter how many times you travel you would still feel as if you forgot something. Therefore when this happens you tend to get both anxious and stressed out. Thus, that is why we recommend you have a checklist on hand. This way you would know what tasks you have forgotten to complete.  

Check Your Prescriptions 

This is something that many individuals forget. Instead, they tend to go through their passport and travel documents. But they fail to check whether they have their medicine. Therefore make sure to check whether you have enough to last the trip. If you don’t then you need to have all medication refilled. We understand that many of you would consider this to be the end. But it is also advisable to take a copy your prescriptions with you. This way if you misplace your medication you don’t have to despair. Furthermore, make sure to see whether there are any drug stores located nearby. You would not have any problems if you are staying at the hotels in vientiane city center. 

Go To The Laundry 

If you are staying at one of the luxury hotels in vientiane laos you would definitely have a dry cleaning service. But you will not have time to get your clothes to a dry cleaner. That is because from the moment you land you will be busy. Therefore that is why we recommend you visit the laundry before you pack for the trip. This way you will have an array of business outfits to select from. Furthermore, packing for the trip would not be a hassle.  View more here

Check Your Documents 

After years of travelling you know how important it is to have your documents on hand. But simply because you are a seasoned traveller does not mean you should ignore this step. Instead, make sure to go through all the documents. Furthermore, check your passport to see whether it has expired. This is something that many individuals fail to check. Thereafter, they only realize this fact after all the plans have been made.  

If you have this checklist on hand you should not worry. That is because you would not face any problems. 

Benefits Of Having A Website For Your Business

Do you own a home renovation business and you help individuals hire professionals such as plumbers and construction workers that they would need while renovating homes? Or do you own a successful and popular chain of hostels but you are trying to expand your business and get your name out there in hopes of finding new clients and customers, but you do not know how to do so? 

Whatever the case may be, you must definitely consider creating a website for your business. This is because we live in an age where almost everyone one of us head straight to the internet when looking for anything we need, whether that may be services or different products or even if it is just new places to eat at. So if you own hostels in siem reap and you have a website advertising this, an individual looking for places to stay at will be able to conveniently find your hostels during their search. Read below to know many more benefits of creating a website for your business. 

You can list all of your services 

If you are a business owner, whether you own a small business or a successful business, you will be aware of how difficult it is to actually inform individuals about your business, brand and the services you offer and building a successful business can take years because of this, as there are so many similar businesses in the market today. It can also get very pricey to promote and advertise your services on television and magazines every week, so what can you do? You can advertise on your website. 

If you own phuket town hostels, you can advertise that on your website so anyone looking for accommodation during their stay in Phuket will be easily able to find your services. But that is not all. You must also promote what makes your hostels more special and what makes it stand out. For example, other than the accommodation itself, do you also offer tours of Phuket and does your hostel have a stunning swimming pool? You can include this on your website as well so travelers will see that your hostel has more facilities and choose it over others.  

You are easy to contact 

One of the benefits of looking for such services online is that travelers can easily input the date they will be arriving and when they will be leaving and will be able to get a quote and compare prices and choose where they want to stay. But that is not all, they can use your website to easily find all of your contact information as well if they were to contact you regarding further inquiries and they can also read the feedback your customers leave you to help them decide if they want to stay at your hostels. 

Different Kinds Of Experiences With Hospitality Establishments

When you think about a great vacation what do you imagine? Well, different people imagine different things. However, when it comes to those who think about travelling, they are either thinking about a great urban experience they are going to have by visiting some great cities or some amazing and relaxing countryside experience they are going to have.There are hospitality establishment chains which can actually help you to have a great urban experience with a place such as a boutique hotel in Luang Prabang or a countryside experience at one of their comfortably located hospitality establishments away from the in luang prabang

A Real Urban Experience

A real urban experience would be had if you are staying at a hospitality establishment which is situated in the city. They usually come with comfortable and spacious rooms with all the necessary facilities to make your stay there comfortable. The best hospitality establishments are also situated at a great location in the city which makes it easy for them to offer you the chance to travel anywhere you want to without running into much trouble. There is no need to travel a long distance before you find any means of transportation to the places you want to visit. At such a place too you can enjoy the urban life with a new perspective as it is going to offer you the best experiences you can have at such an urban location.

A Comfortable Country Experience

While a 5 star hotel Luang Prabang can offer you the chance to have a great urban experience you are also going to get the chance to have a comfortable countryside experience with great hospitality establishments located in such a place too. Just because these hospitality establishments are away from the hustle and bustle of the city does not mean you are not going to have any kind of modern facilities to be happy. With the best of the hospitality establishments you are going to get the perfect chance to have every modern facility such as free Wi-Fi, proper television experiences, etc. while you also get the chance to explore the countryside and enjoy the serenity of the scenery and the silence of the environment. These two experiences can be quite different due to where the two experiences take place. However, that does not mean the facilities of one place have to be less than the others. You will find equal facilities at both places if you are choosing to spend your time at some great hospitality establishments in the industry.

A Guide To Planning An Amazing Experience In Phuket, Thailand

Your vacation might just be around the corner and you might be excited about heading to another part of the world where you can simply live the vacation without having to deal with any worries or the responsibilities. When it comes to planning your vacation, one of the toughest choices to make is to perfect tourist destination that will bring in the finest of what you are expecting to gain. One of the best places where you can head for a vacation in Phuket, Thailand. Here are some of the most important things that you need to know about planning an amazing experience in Phuket, Thailand: 

Spend A Unique Day in the Emerald Green Waters of Phang Nga Bay 

It is not every day that you get to live your vacation. When the time comes, you have to make sure that you get the best out of it by making the vacation extraordinary. One of the best things that you can do is to visit Pahang Nga Bay that will give you a blissful day(s) that is surrounded by emerald green waters.  You will not miss out on the spectacular views and the witness the serenity. To make things the best in the Phuket, make sure that you book your accommodation at the best resorts in Phuket for honeymoon that will bring in high levels of comfort and safety in your trip to Phuket. resorts in Phuket for honeymoon

Choose the Finest Places for your Stay 

When you are heading to Phuket or any other vacation, you will want to feel your best and experience the finest of safety and comfort. Yes, the accommodation that you choose has a major role to play in deciding the quality of the vacation that you are to spend. When in Phuket, there is nothing that you have to worry about getting the finest accommodation as it is a world-renowned tourist destination, you will simply find the best family hotel in Phuket that will help you bring about the best of what you are expecting to gain. 

The Blissful Beaches Await 

When you are in Phuket, you get the finest if the beaches. Whenever the kind of experience that you are expecting from s beach, it will be given to you with no hassle at all.  Just make sure that you do your research on all the available beaches in the area either by doing your research on the internet or by getting the guidance from a professional guide. 

Have a Plan Before You Head There 

Before you head to Phuket, to make your vacation smooth and hassle-free, it is always best that you plan it right and neat so that you can avoid all kinds of potential down comings that you will have to deal with heading to Phuket without having a plan. A clearly planned vacation will surely save your time, money and bring about something more than your expectations. 

4 Amazing Dive Sites In Thailand That You Should Not Miss In Your Holidays

Thailand is identified as the land of beaches in the east. Koh-Tao Island is more or less the most famous place in the country for diving. This gives an idea of the capability of the country to facilitate both local and foreign tourists to enjoy the underwaters. If you are planning to visit or already there, you should probably not miss these 4 amazing dive sites. 

Shark Island 

Consisting of a depth range from 10-23m, the shark island is surrounded by a vibrant coral belt enriched in term of underwater marine diversity. While situating about 300m southeast of Koh-Tao dive sites, it always has something new to offer. Blue spotted fantail rays, puffer fishes are frequently seen in this area while the lucky ones get to witness whale sharks and reef sharks. No matter what, it is very reasonable for this beautiful island to be so famous. 

Green rock 

The depths of this area vary on a wide range of 3-30m. This is one of the places where professional training will allow you to stay out of trouble and enjoy the attractive swim-thru and nesting areas. If your knowledge on diving is not so solid, following a good scuba diving course Koh Tao is the best solution. Given that there are many reliable diving schools, it won’t be so expensive and will be very convenient in the long run.  Given that some passages are quite narrow and difficult, this training will allow to enjoy the relentless beauty of green rock as it is.  

Laem Thian 

Situated in the east side of Koh-Tao, Laem thian is enriched with a sequence of swim-thru and caves along the shallow coastline. Your journey that begins from typical Padi open water Koh TaoPadi open water Koh Tao can go up to 6-20m in this site. Having a very good visibility, the marine life of Laem Thian presents you exotic creatures such as green turtle, titan trigger fish and even blue spotted stingray. The bottom-line is that, this place is for those who want the adventure and appealing view at once. 

Mango bay 

If you were a fan of mediocre snorkeling, you can probably enhance your training and make the out of this amazing place. With a depth varying 2-14m, mango bay is the paradise of snorkeling. You will be able to observe well preserved vivid coral life and several sea creature walking on the bottom of the sea.  

Typically, areas surrounding islands tend to make the best dive sites. That is why Koh-Tao Island is recognized as the ideal destination for worldwide divers and tourists. Hence, when you visit there, you should probably ask for these places and see the magic for yourself. 

Why You Should Volunteer For Elephants?

Elephants are said to be one of the most intelligent creatures to walk the earth. The things they can understand and the things they can do have mesmerized the human kind. It doesn’t matter if you were looking for an extra qualification in your CV or merely take care of the animals, an elephant home is an amazing place for you to be.  elephant Thailand volunteer program

Here’s why you should volunteer at such a place. 

Mental satisfaction 

Working with animals gives you such a strong mental satisfaction that your stressful days will come to an end. The reason why people are used to have a pet is because it makes them feel relieved more or less. When it comes such loving creatures like elephants, they will teach you that there is more than one form of humanity. Perhaps your faith in the world will be restored again. The bottom-line is that, there’s a fair possibility that these animals feeling unloved and sad if it was not taken care of properly; they have big hearts. Spending time with a friend who listens to you and let you hug his/her trunk will be all you need to calm your mind down. 

Opportunities to explore 

When it comes to the concept of elephant camp Thailand have always been kind towards these amazing animals who are at a grave risk. There are many sanctuaries and camps all over this beautiful country. This gives you the opportunity to explore the country more or less a tourist. You will be able to interact with numerous natives and taste exquisite Thai food too. You even will get to learn about an entirely new culture. After all, life is about making memories. Having an elephant as a friend and getting to explore an amazing country… most people don’t even get to think about such things. 

Make networks 

When it comes to any job in a foreign country, it is important that we make connections with ten people who are important. This doesn’t refer to rural natives but people who can be beneficial in the long run. In an elephant Thailand volunteer program, you will find several talented vets and a number of people coming into visit the elephants. Paths like these lead to amazing job opportunities and whatnot in the future. Or maybe it doesn’t have to be so commercial. People at an elephant home are people with big hearts. This fact will bring you amazing personal connections to the table. You can view more about this here

Elephants remember who did right and wrong to them separately. Do you want to be a good memory or a bad one for them? You will be able to decide it for yourself at an amazing elephant camp. 

Fabulous Ideas For Your Next Date

Dates are considered to be fun outings irrespective of whether it is your first date or whether you have been married for 5 years. That is because this time allows you to not only engage in a fun activity but to also get to know or reconnect with your date. However, we understand that it is not only easy to plan dates. Furthermore, after some time the traditional movie and dinner date may appear lacklustre. This should never happen because one would then proceed to get bored with their date. Moreover, they may even go on to consider dates to be a chore. However, one should not worry because this problem can easily be rectified. hotels in Pattaya beach road

 Weekend Gateway 

We understand that many of you may countless work and family commitments to keep you occupied. However, it is still possible for each and every one of you to find at least one free weekend. Therefore when you do so why don’t you plan a weekend getaway? For instance, you can plan to stay at one of the hotels in Pattaya beach road near the beach. Furthermore, this would not only allow you the opportunity to connect away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, but you would also be relaxed. Moreover, this would also be the ideal date if you are having an anniversary coming up. That is because there is nothing romantic than a beachside getaway. 

Revamp The Traditional Dinner Date 

Many people continue to complain about the traditional dinner date. That is understandable if you continue to visit the same couple of restaurants over and over again. Therefore next time why don’t you try to go to different restaurants in Pattaya. This could be to try a cuisine that you have never tried before because it would then be an adventure for both the parties. Furthermore, instead of going to a movie and dinner you could instead go to the theatre or even watch an opera. Many would love this idea because not only is it different but it would also offer them the opportunity to dress up. 

Go On a Picnic 

If you are reading this article during the summer then the best date would be to go on a picnic. That is because not only is this traditional and romantic. But it is also a date that many people tend to not even consider. This would be the ideal date not only to enjoy each other’s company but to also appreciate the nature.  

Thus, with the help of this article, one would now be able to easily plan their next date. 

Best Asian Destinations For A Honeymoon Couple

Asia is one of the most diverse continents in the world, full of natural beauty, amazing cultures and traditions. Some of these places are incredibly romantic as well. So if you’ve decided to travel to Asia for your honeymoon, here are some places you should consider.  

The Maldives 

The Maldives is a collection of small islands in the Indian Ocean. However it is a favourite with couples. The islands are perfect for two people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful, secluded vacation. The beaches are also clear and untouched. You could stay in a honeymoon suite at one of the best Maldives resort for couples on the islands or rent a floating bungalow. There is also a number of great activities you could do with your loved one, including snorkeling and scuba diving.  


Thailand has a vibrant culture, wonderful cuisine and friendly people. There are also some really great beaches if you want to go diving or snorkeling. Apart from this you have the option of visiting tourist attractions including ancient temples and caves. Thailand also has some romantic islands perfect for honeymooning couples such as Koh Lipe. Here you can sample the local nightclubs and beer bars which are popular with tourists. 


Singapore is great for the couple that wants to treat themselves to the best of everything. It is also a popular place for a wedding destination. So all round, Singapore is one of the trendiest spots in Asia thanks to its contemporary vibe, shopping malls and numerous tourist attractions. Must-visit places in Singapore include the Botanical Gardens and Marina Bay.  


Borneo in Malaysia is popular with couples who love nature and adventure. Its lush rainforests, beaches and wildlife are some of the attractions that make this such a great honeymoon destination. The lodgings are also fairly reasonable so if you happen to be on a budget this is perfect for you. You could go on hikes, white water rafting and scuba diving as well as explore the rainforests and get a chance to see endangered animal species at the Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary. 


Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with ancient traditions and scenic locations. This also makes it an ideal honeymoon destination and a romantic getaway for the newly hitched couple. You’ll get a chance to enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot springs, sample world-class Japanese cuisine and visit quaint villages and beautiful Japanese gardens. It can’t get any more romantic than that! 

For a truly romantic retreat with your sweetheart, you can’t go wrong with these choices. 

Things To Do With Kids In Bangkok

Thailand is a great place for a vacation with your family. Of course we have heard it’s exotic with the best private beaches and romantic getaways, however not many realize there is so much for their kids too. So here are some of the fun and informative activities for your kids so that they could enjoy and learn many things at the same time.

  • Kidzania
    Step out of your backpacker hostel Bangkok and take your little ones here. Your kid can become whoever they want at Kidzania. Be it a pilot, chef, news reporter or anyone. Kidzania is modeled as a city run by kids. There are banks with Kidzo currency through which kids can buy stuff and participate in the running of the city. This has been built with an edutainment focus where kids will learn how to do a job, manage their lifestyles and be a part of the community. The best part about this is that parents are not allowed to interfere in the children’s affairs. They could only sit back and watch and enjoy how their little ones are acting all grown-up. This will encourage your child to be whoever they want and pursue their dreams.
  • Museum of Siam
    Museums are known to be boring usually. However, the museum of Siam maybe an interesting place for your kids so give them a break from the boring Siam hostel Bangkok. Thailand is a land of rich culture and the museum showcases this. Portraying historic events of the Thai, it shows how the nation came into being. The rooms are lined according to the order of occurrence of events so that your kids could easily follow. All presentations have been translated to English so that foreign visitors can gather necessary knowledge. Each room will have digital exhibits that you can interact with. There are staff the place, ready to answer any of your questions.
  • Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm
    Some parents are scared of even the idea of snakes. However, proper education on them may help relieve the fear which is necessary in your kids. This snake farm is a great place to know all about snakes so that your kids will know exactly what to do to protect themselves if they see one around. The farm is home to 35 different types of snakes. It has a 100 seat arena to witness venom extraction, a highly developed museum that showcases the evolution of snakes, their anatomy and first aid for snake bites. It would be great fun to see some playful tricks done by the snake keepers with their snakes.