Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Staying In Incheon

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Incheon is a city neighboring the capital of South Korea, Seoul. The city is home to the country’s main airport, the modern and architecturally stunning Incheon International Airport just an hour away from downtown Seoul. The city is quickly developing into a massive Metropolis and has a large industrial port. So if you are planning on stopping to explore this city before heading off to Seoul or another city, then you might find the following things useful to keep in mind. 

There is a wonderful China Town here 

As bizarre as it sounds a highlight of the city is the colourful Chinatown located near the industrial port. It was built in the1800s and is the only officially recognized Chinatown in the country. It is renowned for its 11 metre high Chinese Paifang. Locals and tourists enjoy strolling through the streets of Incheon Chinatown for the delicious food and other attractions relating to China.  

Visit the Wolmido Island 

The island is off the coast of Incheon and is home to a breezy waterfront from which you can see the skyline of Incheon across the sea. It’s a sight to behold. Furthermore families can spend time together having fun in the Wolmi Park located in this island. The island also has a culture street where you can see spontaneous performances in different areas. 

Try out the food 

The restaurants in incheon offer different varieties of food from a range of cuisines depending on where you are. This is due to the multicultural roots of the city. From Chinese food to Korean food and even international options, you can find them all in Incheon.  So when you are done exploring the city head off to a restaurant to enjoy a truly delectable experience. Therefore make sure you enjoy the different flavours of this city.   

Visit Songdo 

Songdo is a modern architectural masterpiece. This city was created with the purpose of reducing our carbon footprint. It utilizes multiple renewable energy resources and is the perfect depiction of modern architecture meeting and becoming one with nature. There are many songdo hotel incheon so if you wish to stay here you should be able to find one with ease. 

Ultimately Incheon is a wonderful city to visit but is underrated. So next time you want to travel to South Korea, just stop in Incheon for a while and let yourself be enamored by the city.